The Boston International Art Exhibit (BIAE) was founded to showcase the rich cultural heritage and creative power of Boston to the world. Co-sponsored by the Mayor of Boston, TTC Student Union, and Hangzhou International Communication Center, it aimed to promote international art exchange. As the first such event organized by the Boston City Government, it provided an international stage for young artists from Hangzhou and Boston, exhibiting their unique perspectives and skills. The exhibition presented the essence of Hangzhou culture to Boston citizens, allowing them to appreciate the art and feel the charm of Songyun culture. It promoted exchanges and cooperation between Boston and Hangzhou in the art level, building a new model of cooperation and exchange between global friendship cities. Through this platform, young artists from both cities learned from each other, inspiring more creativity and enthusiasm. It also allowed foreign friends to understand and appreciate the unique charm of Hangzhou culture, expanding its international influence.



Top Talent Circle Student Union (TTC Student Union)

Hangzhou International Communication Center

Guidance unit:

Foreign Affairs Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government

Department of International Partnerships, Government of Boston

II. Exhibition Organizing Committee

Honorary Director: JAMES REGINALD COLIMON, Taoqiao Li

Director: Kan Chu, Kang Hyun-jung

Deputy Director: Zhou Ji, Ji Towers, Yu Jen, Pu Wei

The Commissioners:

Zhu Jingning, Su Yangzhi, Zhong Ling, Zhou Jinyi, Jin Xiwen.

Li Yan, Zhu Hao Min, Chen Yilei, Wu Shuo Cheng

III. Academic Committee of the Exhibition

The exhibition was selected by a jury composed of the Boston government's Department of Arts and Culture, Harvard University's CMA Art Lab, and the China Academy of Art, with a supervisory committee overseeing the selection process.

四、Exhibition dates: July 2024-August 2024

V. Exhibition venues: Boston City Hall, Massachusetts State Art Hall

VI. Call for papers

1. Scope of Call for Entries: The exhibition is open to all young people in Hangzhou to collect works. Participating works will be produced through the recommendation of professional and industrial organizations, nomination by experts and social solicitation. The works should be created in the last 3 years.

① The artwork should be in water-based and oil-based paint on paper or cloth to showcase the creative talent and artistic expression of the youth.

② The work should be artistic and innovative, reflecting the author's personality and style, while emphasizing the technical level and aesthetic value of the work.

③ Through the display of works, positive social values and humanistic feelings are conveyed, reflecting young people's aspirations and expressions of happiness and a better life.

④ Works are encouraged to reflect Hangzhou's cultural characteristics and city charms, as well as young people's unique feelings and thoughts about life and the environment.

2. Categories of works: including, but not limited to, works in water-based and oil-based materials on paper or cloth.

3. Work specifications and exhibition requirements: the works should be displayed in a form that adapts to the operability of the venue's layout, and the size and weight requirements should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the venue. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject works that are noisy, moldy, emit harmful gases, leak liquids, cannot be transported, cannot be displayed, or are considered hazardous to the audience and the venue.

4. The submitted works should be the original works of the authors, and the authors shall be responsible for any legal disputes or liabilities caused by infringement and other improper reasons, and will be announced on the website of the Boston International Art Exhibition and disqualified from participating in the exhibition.

5. If the selected works have been represented or collected, the author will be responsible for specific communication with the agent or collector. If the communication fails, resulting in the inability to participate in the exhibition, it will be regarded as automatically giving up the qualification for exhibition. Authors are not allowed to change the selected works without authorization.

6. The exhibition does not charge any fees for registration and participation.The exhibitor's number must be indicated on the outside of the box to which the works are sent, and the works must be transported from door to door. The insurance fee for the transportation of the works to and from the exhibition shall be borne by the author or exhibitor, and the insurance for the works during the exhibition period shall be taken out by the Organizing Committee.

7. The organizing committee will notify the authors in a timely manner if the works require their participation in setting up and taking down the exhibition, and the authors will be responsible for their own travel expenses. The organizing committee will notify the authors in time if any of the exhibited works are damaged during transportation due to poor packaging, or are damaged, detached, deformed or changed due to their own instability or insecurity, but will not bear any responsibility. In the course of the exhibition, if the works are damaged, detached or deformed due to their unstable condition, the Organizing Committee will notify the authors in a timely manner to maintain or repair the works, and the authors will be responsible for packing and transportation of the works after the exhibition.

VII. Instructions for Submission of Manuscripts

(i) Submission period: from the date of publication of the call for entries to April 16, 2024 at 00:00 GMT.

(ii) Submission materials:

1. Register on the official website with your real name, and each person is limited to one work. All submissions must fill out the complete "Author Information Registration Form" and "Works Information Form" (see the attached download), fill out all the contents on the computer, please do not miss items, and must be electronically or handwritten signature.

2. Format of the work:

Provide 1-3 (no more than 3) images of your work in tiff or jpg file format, file size between 10Mb-80Mb, resolution not less than 300dpi, pixel size width not less than 3840p, height not less than 2160p.

For physical works, we require that they should not exceed 3 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width when using water-based materials on paper, or 1 meter in both length and width if using oil-based materials on canvas.

Note: All files related to the work are named after the title of the work and no information about the author is allowed.

3. 1 electronic version of personal photo: file format tiff or jpg, file not less than 1Mb, resolution not less than 300dpi.

(iii) Manner of submission:

Please upload your information at the submission portal of the official website of the Art Fair ( If you have any other questions call the contact Email:

VIII. Selection of works:

The results of the preliminary evaluation will be announced on the Boston International Art Fair website. Authors whose works are shortlisted in the preliminary evaluation will be required to send their original works to participate in the reevaluation (the time and place of receipt will be announced later, and the original works must be properly packaged and insured, and sent through a regular logistics company in order to prevent breakage and loss in the mail). Authors whose works are not selected for the preliminary evaluation will not be notified separately, and the submission materials will not be returned. The results of the reevaluation will be announced on the Boston International Art Fair website. Unsuccessful works will be returned.

九、Related matters

1. Please ensure that the work submitted is original within the last three years and meets the specifications and requirements stated in the Call for Entries.

2. All entries will not be returned after submission, so please make sure to back up the relevant files of your work in advance.

3. When submitting your work, please ensure that you fill in the complete Author Information Registration Form and Work Information Form, and upload images of your work and personal photos as required.

4. Please pay attention to the naming format of your work and ensure that it does not contain information about the author.

5. If authors need to participate in the work of setting up or taking down the exhibition, they should bear their own travel expenses and pay attention to the packaging and protection of their works during transportation.

6. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any damage or changes caused by the unstable state of the work itself.

十、The organizers have the right to exhibit, research, photograph, videotape, publish and publicize the works exhibited.

XI. All contributors are deemed to confirm and abide by the provisions of this Call for Papers and the Rules for the Implementation of the Convention on Professional Ethics of Chinese Artists. Detailed information can be found on the website of China Artists Association (

Boston International Art Exhibition - Hangzhou Special Event Organizing Committee

March 2024

Attachment: "Boston International Art Exhibition - Hangzhou Special Event (BIAE-HZSE) Author Information Registration Form" "Boston International Art Exhibition - Hangzhou Special Event (BIAE-HZSE) Artwork Information Form".docx